Electronic Signature Devices


ESD Incotex 500F



This device gives opportunity to companies that issue receipts or invoices to be performed via special accounting software. It is designed to authenticate PC – produced financial documents, applying unique electronic signatures to each of them. The ESD can be trained to recognize and sign up to four different types of financial documents (up to four templates). When a document from the user’s PC is sent to the text printer it i s automatically captured by the ESD which determines whether the document matches any of the trained templates. If it does, the document is recognized as a valid financial one. In this case the ESD gives the document an electronic signature and then returns it to the printer. If the document does not match any of the trained templates, it is not recognized as a valid financial document and is returned to the printer without an electronic signature.

The parameters that can be set in the template as recognition rules are:

  • Type of the document
  • Number of the document
  • Date of issuing
  • Amount to be paid (in four rate groups)
  • VAT (in four rate groups)
  • Daily reports
  • Fiscal memory reports
  • FM reports by record numbers
  • FM reports by dates
  • FM by months



 Quick and noiseless thermal printer:

  • 13-digit 7-segment LCD display
  • Connection to a PC via USB
  • Fiscal memory with the capacity of 2400 records of daily Z reports
  • Thermal printer – easy paper loading:
    • type TPM 021L
    • printing rate – 40 mm/sec
    • thermochemical paper, one-layer, width – 57 mm, external diameter – max. 42 mm
    • characters per line – 32
  • Keyboard:
    • 12 digit keys
    • 13 functional keys
  • Built-in tests
  • Dimensions (mm) – 191 x 96 х 61
  • Weight (kg) – 0,370
  • External adapter (9V, 3,5 A) 220V (-15%,+10%) 50Hz
  • Operating temperature interval – 15° to 60° С
  • Relative air humidity – 20% to 85%
  • Lithium battery supporting the real time clock when the fiscal printer is switched off.
  • Automatic Z report issuing
  • Up to 2GB SD card for storage of signed invoices
  • At least 1 200 000 invoices per single SD card
  • Invoice amount recognition by VAT groups
  • Built-in GPRS modem for sending the data to the administration server
  • Built-in verification functionality
  • Built-in real time clock

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