Single phase energy meters


Incotex 200 / Mercury 200



Measuring and tariff registration of energy. Modern design. Installation on DIN-rack of with screws. Possibility of consumer load control.

  • Accuracy class: 2,0 (1,0);
  • Nom. phase voltage: 220-230 V;
  • Nominal /max current: 5(50), 5(60)A;
  • four tariffs


Energy meters are designated for commercial registration of active energy in single-phase circuits of alternating current and operate both autonomously and as a part of AMR “INCOTEX PLC”.


  • Meter tarifficator provides registration options of 4 tariffs in 8 time zones of day (and night) for 8 types of day. Each month of a year is programmed by individual tariff timetable with consideration of automatic transition to winter / summer time. Minimal interval of tariff functioning within 24 hours is 1 minute.
  • Energy meters provide measuring, registration, storage, output to LC-display and transmission through interfaces CAN, PLC of the following data:
    1. (a) Amount of registered active energy separately on each tariff and total on all tariffs:
      • total from indication reset;
      • on the beginning of each from previous 11 months;
    2. (b) Instantaneous values of power, current, voltage;
      • Programmable control of load (switching off, limitation) through commutation external circuits.