Single phase energy meters


Incotex 201 / Mercury 201



Active energy registration in lines 220-230V. Accuracy class 2,0 or 1,0. Nominal current 5(50), 5(60) or 10(80)А. Current sensor shunt. Indication of data on LCD or calculation device of bobbin-type, protected from external electromagnetic influence and with reverse motion stopper. Installation on DIN-rack or with screws. Small size. Versions with PLC-modem for data transmission on power line 220V. Interfaces: Telemetric channel, PLС-modem


Energy meters are designed for commercial registration of active energy in one-phase circuits of alternating current and operate both autonomously and as a part of AMR “INCOTEX PLC”.

Construction features:

  • Technological supply on accuracy class;
  • Shunt application for current measuring enables to measure at the presence of steady component;
  • Built-in PLC-modem and pulse output enable to use energy meters both autonomous and as a part of system AMR “Меrcury PLC”;
  • Small dimensions;
  • Screwless housing;
  • Protection from energy theft;
  • Fastening on DIN-rod;
  • by customer’s request energy meter is completed with transition plate with linkage dimensions of inductive meters.

Interface PLC provides: 

  • Data transmission on consumed energy with increasing total from the meter commencement of operation.
  • Receiving of the following data – network identifier of built-in modem