Auxiliary equipment


Incotex 220 / Mercury 220



Converts RS232 interface signals to CAN to create consistent communication channels for communication in systems for industrial automation    interfaces: RS232 <-> CAN.



“Mercury 220″ is a converter of CAN interface into RS-232 and is intended to create consistent communication channels for connection of automated equipment for the commercial accounting of electricity “INCOTEX PLC” and industrial automation systems, as well as to connect to a PC one or more energy meters “Mercury 200″, “Mercury 230″ with integrated CAN interface. Converter is plugged in to the free slot of the COM port with the plug connection DB-9F. In the body of the plug connection DB-9F can be found the scheme of the adapter. Powering the converter is performed by the PC keyboard cable. The keyboard cable plugs into the corresponding slot of the converter.



  • Maximum transfer rate, bps – 115 200
  • Plug connection for connecting to RS-232 – DB9
  • Maximum number of meters, connected to the converter, provided that powering of the electrical interfaces is done by the converter – 10 meter
  • Outdoor power equipment interfaces, V – (5 … 9) ± 10%
  • Maximum Number of meters operating, provided that power to the electrical interfaces is given by an external power supply – 110
  • Maximum length of line (CAN, RS485), m – 1000
  • Operating temperature range, C ° – 0 to +50