Three-phase energy meters


Incotex 230 / Mercury 230



Measuring and tariff registration of active and reactive energy and power in two directions. Registration of losses.

  • Accuracy class А/R: 0,5S /1,0
  • Nom. voltage: 57,7 V; 230 V
  • Mom.(max.) current: 5(7,5)

А Meter registers three-phase network values (phase currents, voltages, power, etc.),stores load profile and losses profile, keeps events journal, controls load. Great choice of interfaces for application in different AMR. Interfaces: CAN or RS-485, IrDA.


Meters are designed for registration of active and reactive energy and power in one or two directions in three-phase 3- or 4-wire networks of alternating current with frequency 50 Hz through measuring transformers or directly with possibility of tariff registration and transmission of accumulated data about energy consumption through digital interface channels. Operated either autonomous or within any information-measuring systems of technical and commercial registration “INCOTEX PLC”.

Meters provide:

  • Measurement, registration, storage, output to LCD monitor and transmission through interfaces IrDA, CAN, RS-485 of the following data: quantity of registered active and reactive energy separately by each tariff and total of all tariffs:
    • total from indications reset
    • for current day and for the beginning of a day
    • for previous day and for the beginning of a day
    • for current month and for beginning of a month
    • for each of 11 previous months and for the beginning of month
    • for current year and for beginning of a year
    • for previous year and for beginning of a year
  • Possibility of registration by 4 tariffs in 16 timing zones of a day separately for each day of a week and holidays. Each month of a year is programmed with individual timetable. Minimum tariff working interval within a day – 1 minute
  • Possibility of straight direction active energy registration separately in each network phase by each tariff with growing total and by tariffs total with data transmission through wire interfaces.
  • Technical losses registration in power lines and transformers, forming losses profile;
  • Measuring, output to LCD indicator and transmission through wire interfaces of the following network values:
    • instantaneous values of active, reactive and full power by each phase and by phases total with indication full power vector direction
    • functioning values of phase currents, voltages, angles between network frequency phase voltages o    network frequency
    • power factors by each phase and by phases total
  • Storage of four-channel archive of average power values of active and reactive energy of two directions and technical losses power profile with voluntary integration time from 1 to 54 minutes. With 30-minutes duration of integration the archives overflow time is 85 days.
  • Registration of morning and evening maximums of active and reactive power in given interval with monthly timetable
  • Input of active power and energy limits and programmable control of external consumer switch off load devices in case limits are exceeded.
  • Transmission of measuring and registration results through interfaces CAN, RS-485, IrDA
  • Meters programming in the mode of phases summation “on module” to prevent energy theft if meter
  • Current circuits connection phasing is wrong.
  • Connection of external backup power supply for reading or measuring values in case of meter power supply failure
  • Meter journals (circle, 10 records for each event) register:
    • meter on/off time
    • phases 1,2,3 on/off time
    • time of phase voltage exceeding/returning back from permitted limits
    • devices opening/closing time;
    • last programming time
    • tariff timetable correction time
    • time of exceeding set energy and power limits
  • total over 15 different events (journal contains 100 records)

Technical specifications:

  • accuracy class 0.5s, 1.0s
  • interfaces: CAN, RS-485, IrDA
  • network values measuring : P, U, I, cos φ;
  • four standard galvanic unbound telemetric outputs (DIN 43864), one for each energy type and registration direction;
  • meters operate towards values increase in case of any wrong phasing of current circuits
  • electronic seal
  • load control through external circuits of commutation
  • self diagnostic with indication of mistakes
  • presence of journals: events, energy quality values, status
  • possibility of power backup connection Ubac = 5,5…9 V

Meters indicate on LCD display:

  • Consumed active and reactive energy value for each tariff (up to four) and total for all tariffs with growing total and accuracy up to hundredth parts of kWh and kVAh;
  • Phase voltage and current in each phase;
  • Measured value of active, reactive and full power (integration time 1 s) both for each phase and total for three phases with indication of quadrant, in which there is a full power vector;
  • Power factor for each phase and total for three phases;
  • Angles between phase voltages;
  • Network frequency;
  • Current date and time.