Three-phase energy meters


Incotex 231 / Mercury 231



Measuring and tariff registration of active energy and power in one direction.

  • Accuracy class 0,5S; 1,0S
  • Nom. voltage: 230 V
  • Nom. current 5А; (max. up to 60 А)

Meter measures three-phase network values (phase currents, voltages, power, etc.), stores load profile, keeps events journal. Integrated interface IrDA for programming and registering information and an integrated PLC modem is optional. Assembly of DIN-batten.


The electrometers are designed for commercial reading of active electric power in one direction along 4-tariff,  three and four wire alternating current network. They are used separately or in the composition of automated information-measuring systems for technical and  commercial reading, for instance INCOTEX  PLC.

Basic functions:

  • The electrometers provide measuring, reading, storage, output of liquid crystal indicator and transmission along interface IrDA of the following information;
  • quantity of read active electric power separately for each tariff and total as per all tariffs:
    • total from the collected readings
    • for the current twenty-four hours
    • for the preceding twenty-four hours
    • for the current month
    • for each of the preceding 11 months
    • for the current year
    • for the preceding year
  • The tariff switch of the electrometer r provides possibility of reading as per 4 tariffs in 16 round-the-clock time zones for 4 types of days. Each month of the year is programmed as per individual tariff schedule. Minimal interval of action of the tariff within twenty-four hours – 1 minute
  • It is possible to read the active energy in straight direction separately at each of the phases of the network as per each tariff with increasing result and total as per tariffs with data transmission through IrDA port.
  • Additionally, the electrometer ensures measuring, placement of LCD-display and transmission along interface IrDA of the following parameters of the electric network:
    • passing values of the active power for each phase and total as per phases;
    • active values of the phase currents, voltages, the angles between the phase voltages
    • network frequency
    • coefficients of the power for each phase and total per phases
  • Control and management are possible of the load through telemetric exit from external circuits for communication for restraining/switching off of the load of the consumer upon exceeding of the specified limits for energy or power.
  • The electrometers function in regime of addition of the phases “per module” for averting of thefts of electric power upon disturbance of the phase and switching on of current circuits of the electrometer.


  • Accuracy class: 0.5s, 1.0s
  • interfaces: IrDA, PLC
  • Measuring of the power, currents, voltages, frequency
  • Built in modem PLC for transmission of data along the power network 220 V (depending on the modification)
  • Standard galvanically untied telemetric exit
  • The electrometers work in direction of increase of the readings at every disturbance of the phase of switching on of the current circuits.
  • Automatic self-diagnostics with indication of the errors
  • Management of the load via exterior circuits for communication (Devices for protective switching off)
  • Electronic seal
  • Assembly of DIN-batten
  • Additional functions (modifications with index F):
  • Measuring and storage of the values of the average powers of the active energy (power profile) with unspecified time for integration from 1 up to 45 minutes with step of 1 minute. Upon 30-minute duration of the integration, the time for overfilling of the data file is of 85 twenty-four hours.
  • Existence of event diary (cyclic of 10 readings for each event) in which the following is fixed:
    • time of switching on switching off of the electrometer
    • time of collapse / appearance of phases 1,2,3
    • time of opening/closure of the device
    • time of correction of the tariff schedule
    • time of exceeding of the specified limits for energy and power – total more than 10 different events

Meters indicate on LCD display:

  • the readings for the consumed active electric power for each tariff (up to four) and total as per all tariffs with increasing result with precision up to hundredths of kWh;
  • the phase voltage and the current at each phase;
  • the measured value of the active power (time of integration of 1 sec.) both for each phase, and total per the three phases;
  • the coefficient of the power for each phase and total per the three phases;
  • the angles between the phase voltages;
  • the network frequency;
  • current time and date;
  • the parameters of the modem of the power network;
  • the pictogram of the level of the modem signal;

The interface PLC secures:

  • Transmission of the following information on the consumed electric power in increasing result:
    • total from the moment of connecting of the electrometer total per tariffs and phases, provided that the counter is programmed in single-phase regime;
    • total from the moment of connecting of the electrometer total per tariffs and phases, provided that the counter is programmed in multi-phase regime;
  • Reception of the following information:
    • network identifier of the built in modem;
    • command for temporary transition to regime of transmission of additional information;
    • current time and date.