GSM-switch “Mercury 228” is designed for organizing of distant access to a device or a group of devices, equipped with serial interfaces RS-485. It is included in composition of the network devices, united via interface cable and provides remote access to any device from the network by channel GSM.

 For full use of the admission capacity of the regular voice channel for connection in compliance with standard GSM (9600 bps), the switch realizes package regime of data exchange, with preliminary buffering of information packages, which are transmitted and received from the program procurement of the dispatcher’s point.

 Upon exchange of data between the switch and the connected to them devices, the switch is an active device. The exchange of the packages between the switch and the dormant device is performed in simplex regime “inquiry-response”.


GSM switch is not configurated and is ready for work immediately after supplying voltage transmission and reception of the registration by the mobile operator.

In the system, “INCOTEX PLC” is used for transmission of data from territorially distributed concentrators “Mercury 225” to the dispatcher’s point of the electric power distribution company


  • Working range EGSM, МHz    900/1800
  • Maximum number of connected devices     128
  • Volume of buffer, bps     4000
  • Interface coupling RS-485     (2 *RG 11)
  • Exterior antenna    Jack RP-SMA
  • SIM-card holder with ejector;     
  • Power supply, V     220 ±10%
  • Safe-clearances – LxHxW, mm    110х120х45
  • Temperature range, °С    from -40 to +55
  • Mass, kg    0,4
  • Safe-clearances, mm    110*55*25
  • Plastic body with assembly to DIN -batten.