Prepaid energy meters


Incotex 233

The multifunctional electric energy meter INCOTEX 233 is intended for one or bidirectional metering of active and reactive electrical energy and power in three-phase 3 or 4-wired AC mains directly with the possibility of zone tariff metering, longtime storage and transmission of collected information to information collection centers over digital interface wire or wireless [...]

Incotex 203 TKREH

INCOTEX 203 TKREH is a multi-functional single-phase prepayment energy meter, keypad-based, with accuracy class 1.0 or 2.0, intended to register active energy and power in two-wire network for AC voltage of 230 V and frequency of 50 Hz. INCOTEX 203 TKREH energy meters have an integrated RS485 interface and can be operated both independently [...]