System Incotex PLC


Incotex AM231

INCOTEX has developed and now produces PLC-modems for embedding as daughter board in micro processor energy meters. Basic specification of such devices is extremely low energy consumption and very strong resistance towards noises and signal attenuation on the line. Dimensions of device are 40x60x22 mm (including own network power supply unit). Simplified modem circuit [...]

Incotex 223 / Mercury 223

Technological modem “Mercury 223” is used for network addresses programming of subscriber devices (energy meters with built-in PLC-modems. Functions: Technological modem “Mercury 223” (further TM) is used for network addresses programming of subscriber devices (energy meters with built-in PLC-modems series “Mercury”), intended for application as a part of automated data registration on power line [...]

Incotex 225 / Mercury 225

Concentrator “Mercury 225″ is a device for data collection on low voltage electric lines. It is designed for reception, accumulation and storage of data on consumed energy, transmitted from subscribers’ energy meters, which are provided with built-in PLC–modems, through distributive one-phase or three-phase network of alternating current 220/380V. Interface: RS485, RS232 Functions: Concentrator “Mercury [...]

Incotex 225.1 / Mercury 225.1

Concentrator “Mercury 225.1″ is an improved version of “Mercury 225″. It is characterized by reduced dimensions and better technical characteristics. It is used for data collection in three phases where three concentrators “Mercury 225.1″ are united through RS-485 interface.     Interface: USB, RS-485

Incotex 228 / Mercury 228

GSM-switch “Mercury 228” is designed for organizing of distant access to a device or a group of devices, equipped with serial interfaces RS-485. It is included in composition of the network devices, united via interface cable and provides remote access to any device from the network by channel GSM.  For full use of the [...]